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Hydro dipping, Hydro dipped, Hydro printing, Water transfer printing and Hydrographics
Hydrographic and custom painted finishes are ways to achieve just about any look that you want and or colors.  Hydro dipped is the word used to let you know that the items are and have been changed to give it a fresh new custom look.  Hydro dipping, Hydro dipped, Hydro printing, Water transfer printing and Hydrographics are taking a hard surface like wood, plastic, metal or glass.  Then applying a paint process and a pva film with custom design printed on it.  Then applying it to the item as a finished look.  Then the item is clear coated  with either a high gloss or satin finish.  Hydro Printing has been around along time and is used in many different applications to achieve the finished look that is desired.    Example: Carbon fiber hydro dipped means that it is not a real carbon fiber item, but that it is printed to look like real carbon fiber this allows us to make many different variations of a carbon fiber look.   Straight grain wood pattern water transfer means that it looks like wood, but it is printed on the item to achieve the look of real wood but it is not real wood. 
Part Number14720NOS
NOS HYDRO DIPPED Copper Metallic American Flags High Gloss 10 lb. Nitrous Bottle with Super Hi-Flo Valve, 3/8" I.D. Siphon Tube & Black Faced 1-1/2" Dry Nitrous Gauge
NOS now offers our popular 10 lb. nitrous bottles in Black with a distinctive black carbon fiber and chrome bottle decal. Not only are we offering the bottle in black carbon fiber, but we have reintroduced the original SUPER HI-FLO nitrous valve. Along with the Super Hi-Flo valve is a "screw-in" 3/8" I.D. siphon tube, and new black faced nitrous pressure gauge.


  • New Super Hi-Flo bottle valve
  • 3/8" I.D. "Screw-In" siphon tube
  • Black faced, color graduated nitrous gauge
Bottle ColorHYDRO DIPPED Copper Metallic American Flags High Gloss
Bottle Size10 lb
Overall Length21"
Product TypeNOS Bottle
Part Number14745BNOS

We do accept returns
-Must be within 14 of delivery date
-There is a $100 restock fee
- Must be free of damages with no missing pieces and in the original package.
- Additional Fees may occur  if the item is damaged, missing pieces, or not in the original packaging.

10lb NOS Bottle Hydro Dipped Copper Metallic Flags HG W/Hi-Flow Valve 14745BNOS

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