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White Oak Acorn Flavor!

NEW! Bag R Buck Special Blend with a twist of sweet and acorn flavor, what a combination. For years Special Blend has been our most popular blend providing some nutritional value and creating a habit with the herd. Deer have special needs when it comes to nutrition and our mineral based supplement helps to provide that. Now adding sweet desirable flavors has added a whole new diminsion to Bag R Buck's deer attractants. White Oak Acorn is a deer sought after food source in most areas, so by adding this flavor allows deer to get a taste at any time and not only during late summer to early fall when acorns start to drop. Bag R Buck bags are designed to last for months, so the earlier you start them the sooner your deer will get them established. Bag R Buck Specialty Sweet Flavors are an amazing way to create a habit with your deer herd. Helping to attract deer, then increasing the amount of deer that frequent one location and can be used to bring deer to a certain location. Using one bag of specialty flavor can be great but adding several bags to one location is even more interesting. Bag R Buck! I have always said "Deer like it! then I like it!" See also our information on how to use the bags and techniques to establish the bags.

White Oak Acorn Flavor Packer Bag

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