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About Bag R Buck

BAG-R-BUCK, a superior deer supplement and attractant, is a technique that has been successfully used by avid deer hunters for more than 25 years.  We have developed special blends that provide the results needed in today's deer world to meet the needs of the herd, which is approaching record numbers. 

Hunters are using more products, methods, and techniques to observe deer in order to learn as much as possible about their behaviors, conditions, and patterns.  Many land owners and hunting clubs across the country are doing whatever is necessary to improve the optimum habitat for the herd such as planting nutritional food plots and providing thickets for cover.

BAG-R-BUCK products are also a vital part of the management plans for many of those who recognize the needs of the herd.  Emphasis should be placed on several factors for successful management such as the habitat, which includes the roaming, bedding, feeding and cover areas.  Each of these areas are extremely important in order to keep the deer in the area being maintained.

It is advantageous for the hunter or land owner to make sure that the deer are getting what they need in advance in order to keep them in the area for a successful harvest.  In fact, I have seen on numerous occasions where hunters just a few days before the harvest  will attempt to establish some of the necessary resources that the deer may need for the hunter to increase their chances during the season.  This can actually work in reverse against the hunter by scaring the deer rather than attracting them.  I have heard hunters say, " I  don't understand why, when I put out corn, not a single deer came by and even touched it."  This happens often especially when it is put out the day of the hunt.


BAG-R-BUCK is one of the best attractants on the market today to provide the proper nutrition and establish the areas which you choose for the harvest.  BAG-R-BUCK manufacturers 5 different bag sizes and several different blends.  The larger size bags will last for up to 1 year and the smaller bags are rated for up to 6 months.  If you fail to get your BAG-R-BUCK out before the season starts, this will help you when the next season begins and all you have to do is replace the bags.

Placement of the bag is an important key for the success of the product.  We recommend that they be placed in thick areas or in larger hardwood trees.  Be sure to consider this along with wind direction and location of your stand.  Once BAG-R-BUCK is introduced to your deer herd, you have taken the first step to achieving unbelievable results often in the first year of use.  However, it's the second through the fifth year of keeping the product in your management plan that you will see the best results.  The first year when our product is used the deer love it and introduce it to their young.  Year after year this process continues and is repeated as Momma Doe teaches her young proper eating habits.  The longer they use it the better it gets.  The deer keep coming back and eventually grow into a full-grown shooter.

BAG-R-BUCK is highly effective and easier to use than a lot of other attractants on the market today.  Providing proper nutrition is one of our main concerns.  Some products mildew when exposed to moisture, which is one of the reasons the deer will not touch it.  Our product is designed to work under wet conditions in all types of soil.  Many coastal areas have very sandy soil and we have developed blends like SWEET TOOTH and RaK SaK for those areas.  We recommend the "low hang" technique if the soil is sandy or if the deer will not work the ground under the bag however, deer will normally destroy the bag in less time by doing this.

If you are serious about making a commitment to manage and maintain your hunting areas while providing high quality nutrition for the herd, then give BAG-R-BUCK a try. Our motto here at BAG-R-BUCK is:  "If the deer like it, so will the hunters!"


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