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NEW bag size 7 lbs.  This is one of the newest bag sizes that is available it is a big seven ponder it comes with a much more substantial and longer rope for securing the bag to the tree. This size will last up to one year with outstanding results.  The bigger the bag the more nutrients are being put down every time it rains.  This size bag is available in all the other blends.

BRB 7 bag RaK Sak

SKU: 0019
  • Bag-R-Buck a superior supplement and attractant that last for months with superior results.

    Bag-R-Buck is a old timer technique used to disburse the blends that have been developed to get maximum response from the deer and at the same time creating a habit.

    Bag-R-Bucks popularity among hunters has grown because of the effectiveness over a long period of time. Allowing the deer to establish the site with very little maintenance from the hunter.

    It is available when the deer need it and usually that is when the hunter has changed their focus, However it is still working to there advantage. The reason why is because most all of the Bag-R-Buck bags last for a impressive six months to one year. With Bag-R-Buck lasting this long it allows the deer to find and establish the site then it is easy all you have to do is replace it.
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