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Trophy Tree Kit

DEER SKULLS NOT INCLUDED. Pedestal (tree trunk) not included with Trophy Tree kit.


Trophy Tree Kit is for those who want to customize their Trophy Tree even more by cutting their own pedestal (tree trunk).

When you choose to get the kit you also get to choose the type of tree and the height that you want your trophy tree to be.

We do not recommend making your Trophy Tree over 70 inches in height.


Trophy Tree is a unique way to display you European Mounts. Each Trophy Tree comes with a plaque  and 6 Euro Rax Mounting Brackets.  Allowing 7 trophies to be displayed.  Euro Rax Brackets make trophy displaying easy and fast.

Each Euro Rax can be positioned in many different angles to give you your own custom look.  Each Euro Rax bracket sold separately and are availble if additional are needed for $8 each. 


The granite or marble bases are heavy duty and keeps the Trophy Tree right where it needs to be

The tree is pre-drilled and so is the base.  It takes a screw and a lag bolt to attach the plaque to the tree and the base of the tree, then

your ready to start hanging your Trophies.

The Trophy Tree in unique because each one looks different than the next. We use Tennessee Red Cedars

for the pedestal stand(tree) and each has its own very unique look. So each one will not be exactly as seen in the listing photo.


Our bases are different cuts of marble and granite not everyone of them looks exactly the same.


" I made a Trophy Tree years ago and found that it was the center of attention and conversation. I like

the fact that I can change positions or angles, whenever I want a different look. I even find it interesting

to move some that I have on the wall to the tree so its never the same look."

                                                                                                                 Donovan Grant, Bag R Buck

BRB Trophy Tree Kit With Granite Or Marble Base

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