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Bag R Buck offers the best on the market!!!! We are a distributor of the finest and highest quality products. We specialize in Hydrograhics. Hydro Dipping, and Water Transfer Printing. Being TWN Certified, having the best training, and years of experience , our hard hats are guaranteed to be THE BEST!!!!!!! Honesty, reliability, and producing the highest quality is what makes our name what it is today.

We do custom hard hats made to order your way.
Keep in mind custom means no 2 hats will look exactly the same. We strive to get as close to the image as possible, however every hard hat is unique.


OurRalphie Fedora style lid is a modern take on an old classic. This style lid gained its peak in popularity during the roaring 20’s and was a favorite among some of the most infamous gangsters during the prohibition.  The Ralphie Fedora features a quick-release ratcheting buckle for optimum fit. This is our standard Fedora and these are not Limited Edition and do not come with a certificate of authenticity as a limited edition release.

We proudly introduce  Ralphie Fedora Lid! This lid comes with 1 liner and is sized as a L/XL lid. The liner is removable and washable. In order to get our Fedora to stay securely on your head, you might need to manipulate the strap system. The lid should sit snug on your head.

Mike’s Pro Lids is a proudly American-owned company.

Mike’s Pro Lids are a novelty lid and do not have a D.O.T. certification. Patent Pending.
Weight     2 lbs
Dimensions     9 × 6 × 14 in

We do NOT accept returns for custom orders.

If we accept your return it
-Must be within 14 of delivery date.
-There is a $25 restock fee.
- Must be free of damages with no missing pieces and in the original package.
- Additional Fees may occur  if the item is damaged, missing pieces, or not in the original packaging.

Custom Chrome Fedora Mikes Pro Lid novelty helmet

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