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Weather Worn Camo Barn Wood Euro Rax Arrow Head Plaque. Bracket included. Deer Skull not included.

Taxidermist dream come true! Easiest solution to mounting your trophy European mount to the wall. Simply one screw in the wall and one screw in the base of the skull allows you quick and easy placement.

Our custom bracket attaches to the skull through a double slot keyhole and the bracket to the wall also attaches with a double slot keyhole.  This allows the bracket to be used in the upward and lower position for other skulls like coyote or small game. Simple and easy to do.

Euro Rax mounting bracket system allows for multiple different placements and angles to view your trophy mount. By tightening the screw to the bracket or loosening allows for any configuration or angle.

Custom plaques are available in multiple different camouflage patterns and styles.

Euro Rax Camo Weather Worn Barn Wood Plaque

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