Bag R Bucks Euro Rax Mounting Bracket is an awesome way to mount your trophy skull wherever you want. With our Euro Rax Bracket you can mount your small or big game trophies. This bracket allows you to choose the angle and direction, for them to face, that you like best.
Simple and easy to install. 
On the bottom of the deer skull where the base of the skull near the spinal hole you will want to drill a small whole in bottom of skull and about 1/2 to 3/4 inch from the hole in skull or in the thickest part of the bottom of the skull. Then using a wood screw 2” start the screw in the bracket has a key hole. Insert the bracket and position it as you like. The tighter you screw in the screw the more it will raise the nose of the skull.  Make sure you have enough of the screw in that it won’t come loose.  
The same applies for the screw in the wall the more you screw it tighter to the wall the more it will raise the bracket.

EuroRax Skull Mounting Bracket