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We do custom hard hats made to order your way.
Keep in mind custom means no 2 hats will look exactly the same. We strive to get as close to the image as possible, however every hard hat is unique. 


The MSA V-Gard Helmet, with its distinctive trademark “V” design, is a world recognized brand known for comfort, quality, and durability.When you want the best comfort, quality and durability worn by millions across the globe, you need to buy the original MSA V-Gard Helmet, settle for nothing less.

    Made in the USA
    All Hard Hats are Made To Order
    Hardhats with reverse donning logo may be worn backwards without voiding approvals
    Size: Medium
    Polyethylene shell provides superior impact protection
    Self-adjusting crown straps ensure a comfortable fit
    ANSI Certified


 Custom Hydro Dipped Hard Hat Dipped By Bag R Bucks DipNShip
ANSI Cirtified
Made in the USA
Fas-Trac III: No more sacrificing worker comfort for safety. For use with MSA Helmets. Flush rear lug attachments eliminate pressure points. Three levels of nape strap adjustment for customized fit. Graspable ratchet with ultra-smooth rotation and steadfast hold. The ratchet comfort pad contours to the back of the head to improve airflow and prevent hair-pulling. Use only genuine MSA replacement suspensions to help ensure compliance with the Standards stated on compatible MSA helmets.

MSA V-Gard Cap Style Custom Chrome

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